A Professional Employment Organization (PEO) is a full-service provider for human resources management that assists small business clients with everything from payroll processing to employee benefits. At Diamond PEO, we handle the grunt work so that you can focus on what’s really important – growing your business. Read on to see exactly how a Professional Employment Organization like Diamond PEO can benefit your small business!

  1. Improved Employee Benefits – Your business will be able to attract and retain the most qualified employees with access to employee benefits that would be otherwise unavailable to small businesses, including 401(k) plans; health, dental, life, and other insurance; and even dependent care. Working with so many businesses, allows us to qualify for very low rates, and we pass those savings on to you. Become a top-ranked employer by providing world-class employee benefits!
  2. Increased Profits – Outsourcing your Human Resource tasks not only lets you to take advantage of our lower rates, but we’ll be doing the work that you would otherwise be paying an in-house human resources staff to do. The costs of doing so would include wages, benefits, and ongoing training in policy and compliance – not to mention the time it would take to coordinate and staff the HR department. In addition, Diamond PEO pays for all of the costs associated with keeping our professionals fully trained with the necessary knowledge and skills to serve your human resource needs.
  3. Focus on Your Business – Improve your productivity as a business owner or manager by removing time-consuming administrative tasks. By outsourcing HR, you and your managers can spend more time on managing and growing your business, and ultimately improve your company’s bottom line.
  4. Manage Liability – Diamond PEO provides in-depth knowledge of and guidance on the laws of human resources and employee benefits, and can help support and protect your business with legal compliance and administration. We also take on complete liability for your company’s workers compensation. Our safety specialists, loss control specialists, and claims department are trained and experienced in the industry. We’ll handle your employment liabilities so you can protect your business.

A Professional Employment Organization can offer many benefits for your small business. To learn more about what Diamond PEO can do for you, contact us at (714) 796-9110.