Diamond PEO gives you a team of HR experts with industry expertise to give you valuable guidance – whether it’s HR administration, best practices insights, or selecting your benefits offering. We’ll help you navigate sensitive employee situations, so you can get back to business. As your Human Resources partner, we provide you with HR consultation and cost-effective solutions to assist your company’s compliance with all state and federal employment laws, reducing your risk.


Diamond gives you accurate, federal, and state-compliant payroll complete with secure processing, tax withholding, and reporting, all in one place. What matters most is paying people on time without distracting administrative tasks. When you partner with Diamond PEO, you’ll find that our size and experience actually make it possible to improve your business’ productivity.


With Diamond PEO, it’s easy to offer the benefits you need to hire and keep great employees. We’ll provide you access to cost-effective, comprehensive employee benefits and manage the day to day operations of your company’s benefits programs.


We take on full liability for your company’s workers compensation. Our safety, loss control specialists, and claims department are trained and experienced in the industry. You want to know your business is fully protected, but don’t have the time or energy to become an expert in every potential liability. We’ll handle your employment liabilities, payroll taxes, and benefits compliance, so you can protect your business.


Staffing companies live and die by their workers compensation programs. Diamond PEO offers the most competitive rates on workers compensation programs. Buyer beware, many programs that you find in today’s market are doing “staffing on staffing” which is a violation of Rule 4 of the Experience Rating Plan (ERP) and cannot be written insurance companies.