With Diamond PEO, it’s easy to offer the benefits you need to hire and keep great employees. We’ll provide you access to cost-effective, comprehensive employee benefits and manage the day-to-day operations of your company’s benefits programs.

One of the major goals of Diamond PEO is to provide companies and businesses with cost-effective employee benefits. We’re able to provide significant benefits at lower prices because we pool together the employees of the many businesses we represent to negotiate lower coverage costs, including medical, dental, life insurance and more. In addition, we will manage the enrollment of your employees, negotiate with insurance providers and adhere to any necessary legal obligations. With Diamond PEO your employees can ask insurance questions and receive important clarification on certain benefits packages too.

We also help our business clients by overseeing legally mandated employee benefits including those below.

COBRA – (Consolidated Omni Budget Reconciliation Act) COBRA is a law that requires employers to provide former employees with continuing health insurance for a period of time after they have left a company.

Unemployment Benefits – Every state requires that employers offer unemployment benefits to its employees.  Each state sets its own unemployment benefits requirements.

Worker’s Compensation – Worker’s Compensation protects employees who are injured on the job. Every state has its own regulations for Worker’s Compensation and in many cases, it is a required benefit.

Overtime – The Federal Fair Labor Standards Act provides information explaining overtime regulations for employees. Some states have their own overtime rules that either add to or replace the Federal requirements.

Minimum Wage – Another requirement of the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act is that employers must pay their employees at least a set minimum wage. There is a federal minimum wage and some states have their own minimum wage requirements. Employers must pay their employees the higher of the two requirements.

FMLA The Federal Family and Medical Leave Act protects employees by allowing them to take unpaid leave for the birth of a baby, an adoption or helping an ailing relative.

When you partner with Diamond PEO, your business can cost-effectively access similar benefits offered by many Fortune 500 companies. Those benefits can include 401(k) plans, health, dental, life, and other insurance, dependent care, and other benefits that they might not typically receive as employees of a small company.

By providing world-class benefits programs, your business can attract and retain quality employees, and have the potential to become a top-ranked employer.

With Diamond PEO, it’s easy to offer the benefits you need to hire and keep great employees. Contact us today to see what makes Diamond PEO, a different type of PEO.